Ulrich Hoffmeier

Uli Hoffmeier

To 23.3.1957 into a musical family born (the father came from the moving bird movement and played guitar and harmonica, the nut/mother was classical period fan and sang in choirs), was shown him by the father and older brothers and sisters the first chords on the guitar.

In that family volume was missing the violin, therefore Ulrich hoping Meier learned it with private music teacher Helmuth summer and based with friends and brothers and sisters as as a Spasm volume with Waschzuberbass and waschbrett. The love for the Irish folklore left - together with the friendly family Espanner - which "Sally Dogs" develop for volume, with which not only competitions won but also appearances into the legendary citizen of Berlin club "Folk Pub", "Steve club" and "Go-in" in the remaining faithful road with success was naturally completed.

Journeys to Ireland deepened the knowledge of the traditional celtic music and let the banjo and the mandoline to the equipment in addition come. The establishment of the "citizens of Berlin city musi edges" and the argument with German folklore corresponded to the alternative spirit of the time of the late 70's and led to first foreign tours

18.9-20.9. Burg Fürsteneck

18.10-25.10. Provence (Maussane)